Friday, July 25, 2008

Haley, our American Idol!!!!

So, we went to Target the other day...the best store in the WORLD!!!! Haley was being such a great helper and such a good girl that I decided to get her a little prize. She found this microphone that echos and she fell in love. It was in the sale section and it was only $2, so I figured, what the heck! She used the microphone the entire time we were at the store! The nice thing was that she could yell at the top of her lungs into the microphone, and somehow the microphone muffled her sound and gave back a little echo. Pretty cool I thought!
Chris doesn't think it's as cool as I do! She seems to be more vocal in the car and at home. For some reason, it seems louder at home than it does in the store. Weird how that works!


dunlop family said...

hey friend! it's been awhile since i've heard from you! how's the belly?

so i've been thinking about all the fun shoots i've done and still being amature, i'm a bit apprehensive at starting to charge people but i have had some requests and it costs to drive to locations and it takes me forever sometimes to edit the pics. and i think if i put prices up, people might realize that they can actually ask me to do these pics...what do you think? am i totally lame and out of my mind for thinking that people might actually pay me for pics like mine?

christina said...

We love those mics also. Ada is really into Hanna Montana, for her age. And she does a wierd Al style song to every tune she has ever heard.

Isn't it funny how moms adore kids in a way dads can't tollerate? You're busy, good so am I. At the market recently my kids were both being really cute, strangers started to accumulate and I was apparently immune. Just happy they were occupied.

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