Thursday, March 27, 2008

Baby's Great!

Hey everyone! Thought I'd update on the little one....

Had a doctor appointment yesterday and everything seems to be going great! I heard the heartbeat for the first time and it's always a relief to hear! My next appointment is April 21, but won't have the ultrasound then. The doctor is recommending to have the ultrasound at the next appointment, which would be May 19. That'll put me at 23 weeks and he says that we'll have a better chance of seeing what we're having.

All in all, things are going well! I'm still really, REALLY tired! Especially with all my work and long days. I hope it'll get better soon!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


So, Monday I spent the LONGEST DAY EVER at the mall. I haven't spent that much time at the mall since I was in High School, and that usually included a movie or something. My sister and I went to look for an Easter outfit for her and myself for Church. While I was there, I stopped in Nordstrom because they have MAC makeup. I had a bunch of old containers to turn in for free lipsticks. After MAC, I went over to their jewlrey to look at wedding ring is not fitting like it used to pre-pregnancy. I was looking at a few different things and there was a lady also at the counter that was looking at watches and was waiting for one to get fitted. She was standing a couple of feet from me and my drink from lunch was on the counter in the way of her view. I moved it and said that I was sorry. She said that she was just looking around while waiting for her watch. The voice sounded kind of familiar, and I have to say that so did her face. I told her that I was just looking for "prego rings" because my fingers were getting too fat. She laughed and I totally recognized who it was....MARIE OSMOND!!!!! I couldn't believe it! She then came back to say that she knows how it is because she gained 60 lbs with each of her kids. I told her that I gained 70 with my last one, but after this one we'll probably be done. She then said "that's what I said way back when". Just had to share! After being in Utah for almost 2 years, I finally ran into an Osmond!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Time for a MAC ORDER!!!

Hey everyone!

It's that time again! For those of you who don't know, I have a card that I get a discount on MAC makeup...and if I order off their website I get free shipping if I order over $150...not difficult to do LOL

So, take a look at their site... and let me know if you want anything. I get 30% off most items. Things on the mac pro line, sometimes do not get a discount...but ask and I'll check.

I'll be putting in the order Tuesday of next week...that's 3/18/08. I know it's short notice, but you still have a few days!

Let me know!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Havin a Baby!!!

So, after months of trying, we're finally pregnant! We're due September 15, but we'll probably have a c-section the week before. We're really excited and Steph is REALLY tired...not real sick, just really tired. We'll be able to find out what we're having come late April or early May. It's kinda fun because we have a few cousins who are also, when we have family reunions, the little ones will have playmates that are the same age!

We just wanted to spread the news!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


So, my cute cousin, who shall remain nameless - (you know who you are!!!) and I had a very entertaining conversation. Well, it was entertaining for me. I was laughing my tush off! Here's how the conversation went (by the way, this was an "over email" conversation)

Cousin: (speaking of easter dinner) Hubby is cooking ham...i'm not very good with meat unless it's in a slow cooker =). I'm not sure how long it takes to cook a ham...I'm so bad when it comes to meat.
Me: LOL...most hams are already cooked, but you just need to make sure they're heated all the way thru
Cousin: HAHAHA!!! I'm such a nerd! I told you I didn't know much about meat! We're having chicken for dinner tonight and I freaked because I bought the wrong stuff. I bought the chicken with skin and rib (i think she means bone). It was so weird...I'm used to boneless/ should be interesting trying to cook tonight =)
Me: You are so funny! The chicken you got for tonight makes great fried chicken...yum yum!
Cousin: hahaha, ooops! Can I take it off the bone and make it a boneless/skinless? I need a meat cookbook....or I can just keep hubby in charge of meat =)
Me: It would probably be too difficult to take the meat off the bone. Easier just to cook it on the bone. You can take the skin off before. That's not too hard.
Cousin: Can I bake chicken on the bone? I'm such a ditz, you're probably getting a good laugh out of this.
Me: KFC cooks it on the bone, don't they? LOL you're too funny!!! Just like a turkey cooks on the bone, so can chicken. I don't think I've ever seen fried chicken least at restaurants. Anyways! It's totally fine and there are a ton of recipes out there that have bone-in chicken.
Cousin: I'm such a nerd...hubby will get a kick out of this. I promise, he does cook all of our meat except hamburger meat and boneless meat that can cook in the crock pot. Easter dinner will be good...I promise!!!!
Me: crack me up...don't be surprised to find this conversation on my blog LOL j/k but you really do crack me up!
Cousin: hahaha! I'm totally putting it on ours! show the family my skills. =)

She cracks me up and I love her for being able to laugh at herself!!!!

Update on the House

So, it's official! We are NOT going to be buying the Salem House! The bank finally came back with a counter offer. We could have countered back, but with everything going on in our lives right now, we thought it best not to. So, we'll be staying at our cute home in Spanish Fork for a while longer. We'll finish the yard and then possibly convert out crawl space into a basement. Maybe we'll even get paint on the walls and hang some pictures. LOL what a crazy idea!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Disneyland Fun!!!!

So, last week, Haley and I took a quick trip to Disneyland and we had a blast! We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel and went into the parks for a couple days. We happened to plan the trip around a Cast Member tradition show called Flashback. I was in the first 3 seasons back in my Disney Days and now my sister Barbra had the chance to be in it. So, we got to go see Aunt Barbra in the show. Here are some fun pics of us in the parks with the different characters and of our AMAZING ROOM we were upgraded to.

Fun Picture of Flick and Atta with Cousins Ian and Sierra Dawn that were able to play on one of the days.

Cinderella was SUPER sweet to Haley!!! You wouldn't believe it, but Haley was being a grump before the princesses came out. We had to get some food in her before she would cheer up.

So, when we first got to Ariel's Grotto for lunch we made a stop to see Ariel. Haley was SUCH a GRUMP! I don't have it with me, but Barbra took a picture and it totally shows what a grump she was. This picture was taken after lunch...after she had food in her system. Ariel was super cute with Haley and just let her sit and talk and Haley ALMOST FELL ASLEEP right there on Ariel's lap!!!! Super Cute!!!!

Haley Loved the Lamp in the room. There was a button on the front that would make Mickey talk and then he would turn on and off the light. Aunt Barbra tried to take a nap when Haley first discovered it....yeah...that didn't work out too well for Barbra :)
All in all, we had an absolute blast!!!! Don't know when we'll be able to do it again...hopefully it won't be too long!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Haley had her very first Dentist appointment last week and I was plesantly surprised that she did amazing!!!! She let them count her teeth and scrub off all the "sugar bugs" and she even let them use the polishing drill on her! She was so cute and she loved how she got to ride the "roller coaster" and she was so happy when she got her treats!

Haley goes Skiing!

A couple weeks ago I went back to working weekends. It's been really nice being able to hang out with the family and to go to church and such. On the first day that I went back to work on Saturdays, Chris decided to take Haley skiing for the first time! She was a little nervous at first, but she ended up LOVING it!!!! Chris took a couple pictures of her with the skis on, but couldn't really get any action shots because it was just the two of them. We also found out that it's pretty in-expensive for kids under 5 to ski, so next year I think they'll be going out a lot more!!!!

Christmas Countdown!!!