Thursday, March 20, 2008


So, Monday I spent the LONGEST DAY EVER at the mall. I haven't spent that much time at the mall since I was in High School, and that usually included a movie or something. My sister and I went to look for an Easter outfit for her and myself for Church. While I was there, I stopped in Nordstrom because they have MAC makeup. I had a bunch of old containers to turn in for free lipsticks. After MAC, I went over to their jewlrey to look at wedding ring is not fitting like it used to pre-pregnancy. I was looking at a few different things and there was a lady also at the counter that was looking at watches and was waiting for one to get fitted. She was standing a couple of feet from me and my drink from lunch was on the counter in the way of her view. I moved it and said that I was sorry. She said that she was just looking around while waiting for her watch. The voice sounded kind of familiar, and I have to say that so did her face. I told her that I was just looking for "prego rings" because my fingers were getting too fat. She laughed and I totally recognized who it was....MARIE OSMOND!!!!! I couldn't believe it! She then came back to say that she knows how it is because she gained 60 lbs with each of her kids. I told her that I gained 70 with my last one, but after this one we'll probably be done. She then said "that's what I said way back when". Just had to share! After being in Utah for almost 2 years, I finally ran into an Osmond!!!


debra said...

That's a rad story! I'm actually not a fan of any of the Osmonds, but I'm sure if I had a random conversation with one of them, I'd be stoked because technically, they are famous... in mormon land! Good story!

debra said...

I'm not a fan of the "Osmonds" myself, but I'm sure I would have been stoked to see one of them in such a random setting. How cool! Good story to share for sure!

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