Thursday, March 6, 2008


So, my cute cousin, who shall remain nameless - (you know who you are!!!) and I had a very entertaining conversation. Well, it was entertaining for me. I was laughing my tush off! Here's how the conversation went (by the way, this was an "over email" conversation)

Cousin: (speaking of easter dinner) Hubby is cooking ham...i'm not very good with meat unless it's in a slow cooker =). I'm not sure how long it takes to cook a ham...I'm so bad when it comes to meat.
Me: LOL...most hams are already cooked, but you just need to make sure they're heated all the way thru
Cousin: HAHAHA!!! I'm such a nerd! I told you I didn't know much about meat! We're having chicken for dinner tonight and I freaked because I bought the wrong stuff. I bought the chicken with skin and rib (i think she means bone). It was so weird...I'm used to boneless/ should be interesting trying to cook tonight =)
Me: You are so funny! The chicken you got for tonight makes great fried chicken...yum yum!
Cousin: hahaha, ooops! Can I take it off the bone and make it a boneless/skinless? I need a meat cookbook....or I can just keep hubby in charge of meat =)
Me: It would probably be too difficult to take the meat off the bone. Easier just to cook it on the bone. You can take the skin off before. That's not too hard.
Cousin: Can I bake chicken on the bone? I'm such a ditz, you're probably getting a good laugh out of this.
Me: KFC cooks it on the bone, don't they? LOL you're too funny!!! Just like a turkey cooks on the bone, so can chicken. I don't think I've ever seen fried chicken least at restaurants. Anyways! It's totally fine and there are a ton of recipes out there that have bone-in chicken.
Cousin: I'm such a nerd...hubby will get a kick out of this. I promise, he does cook all of our meat except hamburger meat and boneless meat that can cook in the crock pot. Easter dinner will be good...I promise!!!!
Me: crack me up...don't be surprised to find this conversation on my blog LOL j/k but you really do crack me up!
Cousin: hahaha! I'm totally putting it on ours! show the family my skills. =)

She cracks me up and I love her for being able to laugh at herself!!!!

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