Friday, July 25, 2008

Spanish Fork Fiesta Days

So, for those of you who don't know, Most cities in Utah County have their Annual City Celebrations. The city I live in, Spanish Fork, has their "Fiesta Days". While mom and dad were out here again, we decided to go downtown and see what there was to offer. On one side of the street there was some VERY YUMMY foods, and on the other side there was a lot of different vendors. Behind the vendors was a carnival type area. Of course, Haley was drawn to it. Those types of rides really make me nervous. Carnie rides just don't seem too sturdy. Just my opinion....

One thing that seemed okay to me was the Mary Go Round. So, we got tickets for Haley to go once on it. Grandma took her and Haley had a blast! The horses wern't very smooth and jerked around a lot, AND they didn't have a belt to strap the kids down, but what can you expect from a Carnie Ride. Here's a cute picture of her on the horse.

Hey, it's no Disneyland...believe me...I know! But, she had fun anyways!

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