Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm finally entering the world of KITCHENAID!

So, I am SO super excited! I never thought I'd be saying this. I always vowed never to be the one that got so excited over appliances or things in the household. I guess you can now call me a HOUSEWIFE! I have been seceretly wanting a KichenAid mixer for quite some time now. I just recently voiced this to Chris and we had done some research, but there's no way we could afford one.....UNTIL.....NOW!!!

I received an advertisement in the mail from Kohl's. I have looked at the mixers in here for a while, but they're usually the same as other places. The advertisement usually comes every few months and there's usually a sticker that has a discount amount...this time it was 15%, 20% or 30%. Usually I get the least out of all of them...but this time...I got the 30% off coupon!!!!! So...needless to say, with the 30% off coupon, and the gift cards from Christmas....TOTALLY AFFORDABLE! I'm so excited! It should be arriving to my home on Thursday!


Dallessandro Family said...

Yeah we love Kohls sales... I got a 30% card last month and we did some damage in that store. Enjoy your new mixer, I love mine!

Shelly! said...

Congrats on the new addition to the family! I LOVE mine and I never thought I'd be domestic enough to (a) know what was is (b) know how to use one or (c) DESIRE one so much!

Emily said...

The clouds have parted, a light is shining down! AHHHHHHHHH!!!

I am happy for you, you will LOVE it! :)

Christmas Countdown!!!