Thursday, March 5, 2009

Canning Chicken

So, I had a good friend of mine from work teach me how to can chicken a couple weeks ago. Yes...I canned chicken! I'm turning into a home maker! The chicken is SO GOOD!!!!!!! Here are a couple of pictures...

It's so easy to do, too! All it takes is water, salt and chicken! (plus the jars) It's great for food storage. I'm going to try other meats and stuff whenever I can borrow a pressure cooker again. THANKS MELISSA!!!!!


Alicia Ballard said...

thank goodness it tastes so much better than it looks, cuz it looks like a science experiment gone least that's what i thought the first time I did it!

Kim (Davis) Loudon said...

Hey, that is cheating... you can't post about learning how to can chicken with out at least telling US how to can chicken!!!! I want to learn!!!!

Stephne said... it's SO HARD! You need chicken, water, and salt. Phew! That was tough LOL

Here's a link that I followed. It's super easy and makes the best chicken ever!

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