Thursday, March 5, 2009

Birdhouse and New Food

Camdyn has been growing like a weed! A very beautiful weed, but like a weed. She'll be 6 months next week and I can hardly believe it! At her 4 month check up, her doctor said she didn't need to start on foods until at least her next check up. Great, I thought! Less for me to have to buy at the store! Well, Camdyn had other ideas. Every night before we sit down to eat, she'll be playing happily in her exer-saucer. Totally content with everything going on around her. BUT...once we sit down to eat...she starts squalking! I mean, totally high pitched squealing that goes on forever... to the point where it's completely annoying! So, we got the high chair out and let her join us for meals. Still not enough. She would watch us like crazy putting things in our mouths. She's totally interested! So, sorry Doc, but this little one is ready for food!

So, Haley got a birdhouse kit and she has been asking like crazy to put it together! While Mommy was working on Saturday, Dad got it out and took some cool pictures!

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