Thursday, May 22, 2008

Haley Fishing and Bike Riding

So, a couple weeks ago we went to a graduation party that was at a pond. People had brought their fishing poles and were catching fish. Haley was loving it! She kept saying that she wanted a fishing pole. Chris loved that, so what did he do....went out and bought her a fishing pole and then bought a fishing license so they could go fishing! Here's a picture of Chris and Haley fishing at Salem Pond. She loves casting and reeling the line in.

Haley also is now too big for her Tricycle that we got over year ago for her 2nd birthday/Christmas. Her legs were just getting too long. SO....Chris went out and bought her a new bicycle! It's a big girl bicycle with training wheels. She'll be able to use it for a LONG time. The seat here is at the lowest position.
She also got a new helmet. Her head is too big for the 3+ size. She had to go with 5+!!! Also, guess what kind she choose....HANNA MONTANA!!! Are you kidding me!!!! I never have that stuff on in the house so I have NO IDEA how she even knew who she was! Oh Well...It's still a cute helmet and it keeps her head safe.


Rich Mackay said...

These are awesome pictures! We love them!

meet the dunlops!! said...

stephne smith!?! are you serious! i never thought i'd see your beautiful face again! and here you are! it's teresa landon! i'm so glad i found ya! hey email me if you'd like at blog is private so if you'd like i'll invite ya!

meet the dunlops!! said...

yeah! it's mt pocket full of posies...there is a link right under our music on our blog! hey, he can cxall me anytime and walk me through anything he can! i've been dying to find out how to make my pics have a blueish tone to them while still staying sepia...does that makes sense...any way..i'll email you my number! thanks!!

wingnuts said...

Stephne~ she is so cute! I think it is awesome that she likes fishing and that dad will take her!

I love her bike too, she is getting so big!

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