Monday, January 5, 2009

Catching up on the Blog!

So, again! I'm Completely behind in the Blogs! I'm going thru pictures and videos and I'll just post as I go thru them!

Here's a picture of Camdyn's New toy! This was Haley's Saucer, but Camdyn is beginning to love it just as much!

Camdyn has also been favoring her fists and thumb instead of her pacifier. This makes me really sad because I just don't want to have to break a child of their thumb. It's much easier to break the pacifier habit. But, I do have to say she looks pretty cute sucking her thumb!

In October Steph's work had a Hay Ride and Pumpkin Patch where you could go choose your own Pumpkin out of the Pumpkin Patch at the County Jail. Some of the jail inmates learn different trades like gardening, cooking etc and this is what comes of it. We met some fun people who had a camera who took a picture for us.

Then in December, we got a gingerbread house to have Haley put it together. She had an absolute blast!

I'll be going thru the Christmas pictures and posting those soon!

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wingnuts said...

Happy birthday Haley! We hope you have a wonderful day! Steph, your girls are growing up so fast! It looks like you have had lots of fun the last few months! Camdyn does look so cute sucking her thumb! It is hard not to look cute when you are darling anyway!

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