Friday, January 16, 2009

New Friends

Well, since I'm now working part time, child care is a pretty big expense. The girl that I share a full time position with also has kids. We've decided to share babysitting services as well. Today was Haley and Camdyn's first day over there. I was sent some picture...SO CUTE!!!!

There's a pic of Haley playing with one of their many animals! Haley LOVES animals and we don't have any. It's funny, because the past couple days she's asked for a pet because she doesn't have one.


Jen said...

The pictures are so cute. I can't believe how big Haley is. :)

dunlop family said...

oh my heavens it's been so long!!! camdyn is so big and BEAUTIFUL!! naturally. and i love her nme! if you have any ideas for our baby ...let me know! we cant figure one out that sticks!!! it's another if you have one you wont be using....send it our way! oxoxox

Stephne said... here are some names we didn't use, but were really favorite was Isabel Simone. I just loved the way it sounded! Also, remember, Elizabeth goes as a great middle name to almost EVERYTHING!

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