Monday, August 25, 2008

Haley & Adelle

So, I mentioned a couple posts ago that our cousins, Richard & Kathryn had their baby, Adelle. Haley and I went to the hospital the day she was born. Here's a cute picture they took with their camera. Haley is going to be such a great big sister!!!!!


The Watkins said...

Wow, only a few days left. If I lived near by, I would do everything to be there to help out. I'm STILL looking for that "somone" who can come over at a minute's notice to help, or sit in the car while I do my errands....oh how I wish I could have someone like that. I'm sure Haley will be such a good helper!! I loved her that song! Have you seen Dan in Real Life? That movie was hillarious to me and they have a family talent show. I want to do the same thing with our family the next time we're all together somewhere. Looks like ya'll had a fun time!

dunlop family said...

she is so cute! well they both are but your little one is so cute!

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