Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween is a Blast!

Halloween has been so much fun this past month and a half. Yes, I said Month and a Half! Haley has been asking nonstop if it's Halloween yet since mid September! We had to get her a countdown calendar to help. So, here have been the events of the actual month of October...

My aunt and uncle have a Halloween party every year. Haley was so excited to dress up and play with cousins. Haley loved playing on the trampoline with cousin Nicole! Thanks Nicole for taking care of her!

Carving pumpkins was also quite fun! Haley wanted to carve a dinosaur, but her pumpkin was too small. She decided to do a bat instead. Looking at the picture below, you would think that the Mickey Mouse was mine, but NOPE! It was all Chris! He didn't even have a template! Mine was the cat, and Camdyn's is the one with the pacefier.

The day before Halloween, Haley had her dance class. She was able to wear her costume to class and parents were invited in! Here's a picture of her doing the splits.

Then the big day arrived! We waited ALL DAY! I had to bribe Haley to take a nap, but she did and she was in such a great mood to go trick or treating! Here are some photos from the evening!

Then, after trick-or-treating, we looked thru the candy, and aunt Rachel thought it would be fun to give Haley her first taste of pop rocks! Here's the picture to show how she liked it.

Believe it or not, she ended up loving them! she ate the entire packet!!!!!


April said...

Steph your girls are just too cute! I love Haley's costume, its like a witch princess :) and the Hot Pepper, there are no words! To stinkin cute LOL. Glad you guys had a great Halloween.

wingnuts said...

It looks like your halloween rocked! it's cool that h liked pop rocks! I love watching peoples faces and expressions the first time they have them. Such unique flavors and textures many are not accustomed to having a party on their tongue:)

Loved the costumes and the pumpkins are awesome!

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