Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Possibly Moving - AGAIN

So, the last time we moved, I VOWED that we would be here for at least 10 years! I detest packing and unpacking! So, why you ask are we possibly doing it again???

So, we were looking for places in Utah County that will allow home owners to have a We just decided to give up our photography studio lease in Provo so that we can have a studio closer to home. We were looking for homes in Woodland Hills and Elk Ridge when we stumbled (ok...more like divine intervension) on this house in Salem. It's a HUGE house...6800 sq feet with 3 stories and a basement. The basement also has an apartment that we're able to rent out. It is also on 3/4 of an acre. The house does need a LOT of TLC, but we think it would be great work on it. All of it's cosmetic...nothing huge to worry about.

Salem has a few stipulations on home businesses, however, we've done our homework and our studio will work just fine in the home! The 3rd floor is an atic converted to a master suite that has vaulted ceilings. As soon as we get the 2nd floor done (4 bedrooms and 2 bath), we'd move from the master to the 2nd floor and use the 3rd floor as a studio.

After all is said and done, we could sell the house for a pretty penny, or we could stay there and live in what we created! BUT---as of right now, we just have an offer in on that house and we put ours on the market. We'll see how everything pans out!


The Watkins said...

Keep us updated on the house, the offer, and all that. Can you believe how low mortgage rates are right now? Wow!

JMDFamily said...

Wow that sounds exciting, good luck to you!
(I didn't know you had a blog till I looked at Debra's page- I'm adding you on my list right now)

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